[Rt-devel] _ACLCache Clearing

Matthew Watson matthew.watson at staff.netspace.net.au
Thu Oct 28 02:43:19 EDT 2004



Using rt 3.2.2/mod_perl



 Continuing on with my struggles to get RT3 running well enough to
migrate to, currently looking into the caching done on the ACL system,
specifically _ACL_KEY_CACHE in Principal_Overlay.pm , 


Doing my testing on index.html , I'm confused about 2 things,


Firstly, the cache doesn't really seem to kick in until the 3rd page


1st page load, all unseen ACL requests must be fetched from the
database, any duplicate ACL requests within this page load gets a cache

2nd  page load, same as first (same number of queries having to be fall
through to the database)

3rd page load, massive increase in the number of requests getting cache


Now, the bit I don't get it, why the 2nd page load doesn't get the
increase in cache hits?


The second thing I can't work out, if I wait more than about 30 seconds
to reload the page, the cache seems to be empty, and we have to go back
to querying the database for the ACL info. Now, it would stand to reason
that I could increase the $cache_timeout value in
Principal_Overlay::HasRight , but that doesn't seem to effect it at all.
I guess the cache is getting cleared out somewhere else, but I can't
find where.


Any hints on either of these would be fantastic :-)







Matthew Watson

Netspace Online Systems

(03) 98110010


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