[Rt-devel] Missing a file in 3.3.10

Ramon Kagan rkagan at yorku.ca
Fri Oct 29 08:53:26 EDT 2004


I'm playing with 3.3.10 and I must say I like the changes.  This is an
excellent product, and should be commended.

However, there is a file missing in the distribution it seems.  When I'm
at Global->Custom Fields->Tickets, I select an unselected Custom Field,
and Submit I get the following:

>From ...Admin/Global/CustomFields/Queue-Tickets.html
Submit and get:

"The requested URL /Admin/Global/CustomFields/CustomFields.html was not
found on this server."

I've checked the filesystem and it isn't there.  So I guess the question
is whether the file is missing or the wrong file is being called.


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