[Rt-devel] ANNOUNCE AssetTracker 1.0.0rc2

Dowling, Brian BDowling at Kronos.com
Sat Apr 2 14:44:47 EST 2005

Cool! Thanks for putting this demo online for a quick preview -- it is
looking good.  It fits right in with my desires to have a solution that
tracks systems from inception to deletion and tracking all associated

> OK, for a limited time only: http://rt.chaka.net/

You might want to fix the link "Asset Types" (hide it until ready?) on
the Configuration page.  Certain browers make assumptions and bring you
to a certain .com. ;)

I like the idea of "grid update multiple assets" -- Jesse can we make
this a feature of Tickets for assigning owners, priorities, etc?  <grin>


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