[Rt-devel] disabling the Elements/Footer append for popups

Levon Ghazaryan levon at mail.desy.de
Tue Apr 5 22:52:58 EDT 2005

Hi all,
i use some popups in my rt-integrated application
for displaing some simple info or output where i'd
like to disable the displaying og the Elements/Footer

(»|« RT 3.0.12 from Best Practical Solutions, LLC.)

that is appended in the autohandler.

can someone point me how to do this in some "nice" way,
say without the:

inherit=> undef

flag or reimplementing the autohandler?

i alredy tried also to append a <!--
at the end of my output but this don't do the job.

thanks in advance,

levon ghazaryan
levon at mail.desy.de

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