[Rt-devel] RT.pm LoadConfig sub ... is this a logic error?

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Thu Apr 21 16:15:11 EDT 2005

At Thursday 4/21/2005 03:33 PM, Lidio Presutti wrote:
>Hi folks,
>kind of new with RT.  I copied RT_Config.pm to RT_SiteConfig.pm and then I
>had made a change to my RT_SiteConfig.pm.  I changed
>Set($LogToSyslog    , 'debug');
>Set($LogToFile      , undef);
>Set($LogToSyslog    , undef);
>Set($LogToFile      , 'debug');


You need to explicitly set variables to 0 if you want to override the 
RT_Config value with a "false" or "off" setting. Setting a variable to 
undef in RT_SiteConfig won't do what you want.


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