[Rt-devel] Improving Statistics3-0_1_5 w/ new reports

Jim Meyer purp at acm.org
Wed Apr 27 12:45:53 EDT 2005


On Tue, 2005-04-26 at 17:30, Jay Hannah wrote:
> > From: rt-devel-bounces at lists.bestpractical.com On Behalf Of Richard Ellis
> > The date range functions are coded and awaiting testing before release.
> > We have been using them for some time with great success, but our group
> > of volunteers are moving things to a more formal basis before the next
> > release. We also need to carry out testing with 3.4 before releasing.
> Can I get a snapshot of the alpha/bleed source code then? (I hereby volunteer for your list of testing volunteers. -grin-)

Ditto. =]


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