[Rt-devel] Multiple Instances Wiki Entry

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Thu Feb 3 15:41:05 EST 2005

>I just added some comments to the MultipleInstances entry in the Wiki. I'm 
>not sure who originally wrote it, but it should probably be checked and 

   I wrote it, but it's a wiki, so I don't own it.

   Thanks for the addition. I think you're right about the
   change, although the bad consequences of my code are
   very minor.

>It also needs to be updated for 3.4.

   Heh.  I haven't had a chance to install 3.4 yet.
   At least from 3.0.6 -> 3.2.0 there have been essentially
   no changes to this patch.  When I do check out 3.4.0,
   I'll incorporate your changes.

>On the other hand, is there a reason we couldn't get the patches added to 
>the base distrib? Other than a sub millisecond delay at startup, I don't 
>believe they have any impact on a system with just a single RT3 

   I think I did submit them, and agree there would be no performance
   hit on systems that didn't need them.  OTOH, I'm not complaining,
   since I get a lot more out of RT than I pay for.  And so far,
   these patches have been trivial to add into new versions.
   Maybe if I have to rework them for 3.4, I'll resubmit them
   in case they would be useful.  (Certainly I'll change the wiki
   unless you get there first :-)


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