[Rt-devel] AT Design advice sought

Todd Chapman rt at chaka.net
Thu Feb 17 11:42:31 EST 2005

In tracking the history of an Asset it would be useful to
include in the transactions, tickets that are linked to the

One way to do this would be to look at all RT::Ticket create
and link transactions and if the ticket is linked to the
asset then include it in the history. This sounds like it
would be really slow.

A better option might be to hook into the RT:Ticket Create
and AddLink subs so that when an Asset is linked to, a
transaction for that Asset can be created showing that
it is linked to a ticket.

Assuming option 2 is better, how would I go about this? If
I create Ticket_Vendor.pm how do I redefine Create and still
have access to the original Create? What I want to do is
call the original Create and if it is successful, check if
the ticket is linked to an asset. If so, create a transaction
for that asset.



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