[Rt-devel] ParseTicketId duplicated

Florian Weimer fw at deneb.enyo.de
Wed Feb 23 13:04:39 EST 2005

* Jesse Vincent:

>> The version in RT::EmailParser is the older one.  I had to apply my
>> patch to RT::Interface::Email::ParseTicketId to enable it again
>> because RT::EmailParser::ParseTicketId is no longer called.  (However,
>> I'm not sure if it's really dead.)
> So. EmailParser is actually _newer_.

Huh?  The version in RT::Interface::Email appeared in 3.4.0 according
to my logs.  3.2.2 didn't have it.  The version in RT::EmailParser has
been there from pretty much the beginning (it's even in 3.0.x).

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