[Rt-devel] &RT::Interface::Web::MakeMIMEEntity()

Levon Ghazaryan levon at mail.desy.de
Fri Feb 25 11:34:47 EST 2005

Hi list,
could someone explain what's special with the
RT::Interface::Web that causes some code like the
folowwing one to end up with:

    Undefined subroutine &RT::Interface::Web::MakeMIMEEntity called at

package RT::Foo::Bar;
use strict;

sub Baz {
    my $self = shift;

    use RT::Interface::Web;

    my $MIMEObj = &RT::Interface::Web::MakeMIMEEntity(
        Subject             => 'value',
        From                => 'value',
        Cc                  => 'value',
        Body                => 'value',


best regards

levon ghazaryan
levon at mail.desy.de

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