[Rt-devel] Query Builder Results - RT 3.4.1

Joel Johnson joel48 at ischool.washington.edu
Fri Feb 25 15:37:59 EST 2005

I have just noticed the following inconsistent behavior in RT. After 
creating a query in the Query Builder, performing the search and 
following one of the returned links to view a ticket, if I click on 
"Show Results", it always seems to go back to unlimited rows per page, 
regardless of the number I set on the original query page. If I click on 
"Show Results" immediately after the search while viewing the results, 
it works fine. Also, if I perform a search, then click anything else 
(that I've tried, like the Configuration Tab), and go back to Tickets -> 
Show Results, the value is preserved.

In the link, when viewing a ticket, the value "Rows=" is passed, but 
doesn't have an argument.

Joel Johnson

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