[Rt-devel] Ticket Ownership Enumeration Problem

Jeff Albert jralbert at uvic.ca
Mon Jan 10 23:12:30 EST 2005

Hello all,
I'm a beginner at hacking RT, and at Perl, so please forgive me if this
turns out to be a foolish question, but:

I'm trying to create a scrip which will, upon ticket creation, evaluate a
custom field value to determine which group of our team should address the
issue, then determine who among them has the fewest open tickets, and
finally choose a random member of that subset to be assigned ownership of
the ticket. Presently I'm stuck at trying to determine how many tickets a
given user has open. It seems to me that this should be fairly trivial, but
I'm having no luck. Here's what I'm doing currently:

#...$org is gotten from custom field...

if ($org eq 'HUMA') {
	my %HSD = ('jralbert' => 0, 'jafraser'=> 0, 'mhelfric' => 0);
	my $CurrentUser = $RT::SystemUser;
	my $OpenTickets;
	$OpenTickets = new RT::Tickets ($CurrentUser);
	while ($id, $score) = each(%HSD)) {
		$MyTickets->LimitOwner( VALUE => "jralbert" );
		$MyTickets->LimitStatus( VALUE=> "open" );
		$HSD{$id} = $MyTickets->Count();

It looks as if the scrip dies on trying the LimitOwner method, and gets no
further. What am I doing wrong? I thank you in advance for any help you may

Jeff Albert

Departmental Computing Support Team
University of Victoria
British Columbia, Canada
jralbert at uvic dot ca

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