[Rt-devel] Extending RT: adding columns to the database

Lucas Fernando Rosada lucas at dextra.com.br
Mon Jan 17 05:35:26 EST 2005

Good morning for all. I'm trying to add some more types of custom fields input data, like masked fields, external database feed fields, etc. But to develop this, the RT database structure is not enough, so I needed to add some more columns to the CustomFields table, then I extended the source code of RT but I'm having a big issue (please correct me if I'm wrong):

I read that the RT perl library, like CustomField.pm, Ticket.pm, etc. are automatically generated by DBIx::Record, just after the restart processes of the webserver, so I don't have to maintain or add code into them. But it isn't being updated, I restart the webserver and it doesn't work. Cause I'm in a hurry to test the new extension, I have added code manually to the CustomField.pm class, but I know that it isn't correct form and it can suddenly desapear, losing my changes. Oh! Only highlighting: I did make my changes at CustomFields_Vendor, at my local directory.
I'd like to know how to make the RT system regenerate the CustomField.pm from the database structure.


Lucas F. Rosada
Dextra Sistemas
lucas at dextra.com.br

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