[Rt-devel] RT 3.4 on OpenBSD

Steve Peters steve at fisharerojo.org
Wed Jan 26 21:02:11 EST 2005

On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 04:43:36PM -0800, Jeff Albert wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just curious: are people running RT on OpenBSD? There are no specific
> install docs for it (that I could find) so I'm sort of winging it based on
> the general documentation. Are there any specific tips you fine folks might
> bring forth before I rush headlong into installing?
> Cheers,
> Jeff Albert
> Departmental Computing Support,
> University of Victoria
> jralbert at uvic.ca

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I'm running a release candidate right now on OpenBSD without any problems.
There a few things to watch for.  First, the default Apache on OpenBSD
runs in a chroot'ed environment, but if you are using mod_perl and have
Apache configured correctly, its not a problem.  The only other issue
I had was with the connection to syslog, but I think that was more of an
issue between the keyboard and chair than anything with OpenBSD.  Just to 
be sure, reboot after you OpenBSD install (if this is a new server) and 
before you install RT.

Steve Peters
steve at fisharerojo.org

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