[Rt-devel] RT export article to FM body does not work

Patrick Webster pwebster at ausgeo.com.au
Wed Jul 6 01:47:50 EDT 2005

Hi Guys,

Sorry if this has already been answered - I've done quite a bit of reading 
and searching and have not come up with an answer.

I'm running RT on Debian Sarge. I started with RT 3.0.8, then eventually 
upgraded to 3.0.11, then upgraded to 3.4.2 via apt-get install 
'request-tracker3.4' . Unfortunately the package is separate from the 
existing 'request-tracker3' package, and so it did not upgrade the 
existing installation - only install another instance. I had the 
transaction issue due to lack of InnoDB as posted earlier (when you click 
reply, it would create an empty reply without submitting anything), so I 
upgraded the tables to the correct format.

I then downloaded and compiled RTFM, set the schema & acls, created a 
custom 'body' field etc. So anyway here is the issue:

1) When I click "Extract article" on an existing RT ticket (including new 
InnoDB tickets - I tested), and select the RT post as the "body" of the 
article, the body is empty when submitted.

2) When I manually populate an article, then in an RT ticket attempt to 
reference the article, it will extract "#: ---" and nothing more.

Any ideas? It is probably something simple I have completely missed.



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