[Rt-devel] RT 3.4.3rc1

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Jul 18 13:52:55 EDT 2005

I'm pleased to announce the first release candidate for RT 3.4.3. A
draft changelog is attached below:

RT 3.4.3 Release notes:  (r2832-r3466 (HEAD))


Fixed a bunch of typos.

Improved API documentation.

Refactored code for efficiency and sanity.

Updated dependencies to require XML::RSS 1.05, which properly encodes its output

Queue name case changes no longer generate a "Name Conflict" error

Fixed data loss issue with recursive CreateTickets calls

Added a new "top of page" callback
RT-Ticket: 6459   Updated the _AddLink return values from Todd Chapman.

RT-Ticket: 6713   Added Text::WikiFormat as a dependency

Added a list of missing modules to the end of 'make testdeps'

Changed 'make fixdeps' to use a system() call to install.

RT-Ticket: 6748   Added fallback to $LOGNAME if $USER isn't defined for 

Made RT::ScripAction::Load return ($id, $message) instead of just $message,
and added perldoc for Load() to that effect.

Fixed a misleading error which referred to IsApplicable, not Commit
RT-Ticket: 6782   Fixed perl invocation; thanks to Kim Toms

RT-Ticket: 6781   _AddWatcher takes Email, not Person; thanks to Andreas Jakum

Refactored how RT::Record deals with custom fields for greater consistency
RT-Ticket: 6747   Added shorter links for RSS feed and offline 

Added support for ScripActionObj in Action::Generic (argument was being
passed in but never used)
RT-Ticket: 6825
Applied Ruslan Zakirov's patch to clean up the ACE code and a trailing \n

RT-Ticket: 6826   Added Ruslan Zakirov's new queue-rights tests.

Made WikiText fields properly escape text, preventing

Changed /^$foo$/ regexes to use eq instead, to better lock things down


RT-Ticket: 6568
Made a simple fix to Query Builder to prevent a crash in situations involving
the creation of AND/ORs with no children. A fix that treats the cause and not 
the symptom is planned.  Currently, it may sometimes do "unexpected things"
with your ADD, but it is at least in a state that the user can recover from.
Specifically, for Danial's it works as expected; for Tim's example, it gives an 
incorrect error message (in the context of the QB page, not a Mason crash thing)
but the select box is in a good state.

RT-Ticket: 6741   Sort order is now preserved for the "in memory" saved search, 
courtesy of Phil Homewood.

Added parentheses to the clauses select list, in Query Builder.

RT-Ticket: 6568   Added code to prune childless ANDs and ORs.  Also got rid 
of 'Clear'.
Added whitespace fixes for proper POD

Made search-by-any-customfield work


RT-Ticket: 6653   Small localization fixes from Angelo Turetta
RT-Ticket: 6423
RT-Ticket: 6669   Small localization fix from Brandon Pulsipher
RT-Ticket: 6654   Updated Italian translation from Angelo Turetta

RT-Ticket: 6627   Updated German translation -- David Schmit

RT-Ticket: 6669   Another minor localization fix

Added new Indonesian translation from James Briggs

Made sundry message catalog updates

RT-Ticket: 6811   Updated French localization for  (thanks to J?\195?\169r?\195?\180me Fenal)

Web UI

RT-Ticket: 6684
html/Elements/Error should not continue, and has been changed to add the
standard footer element on %cleanup.

Applied patch from Steve Turner to add a default callback to the Queue
Admin page.

Fixed a bug with downloading attachments.

Cleaned up the list-of-scrips element and made it provide more useful info.

Bullet-proofed the custom field edit widget 

RT-Ticket: 6745   Applied Seph's patch to add a BeforeShowHistory callback.

Made WikiText updates to auto-link http:// style links

RT-Ticket: 6774
Actually set password when creating a new user, and clean up the error 
reporting from password setting.  (And if you don't manage to set a 
password (either by leaving it blank or by entering an invalid password) 
when creating a user, add a notice that the user won't be able to log 
in.)  Patch by Ruslan Zakirov.

RT-Ticket: 6505
Fixed the "Brief/Full Headers" links in SelfService, which were 
attempting to direct the user to /Ticket/Display.html instead of 

Sending Email

Added code that tries harder to set a proper In-reply-to: header

Improved creation of in-reply-to/references headers on web-based reply

Made it clear in the code that RT::ParseEmail->ParseTicketId was deprecated

Allowed EmailParser to be used outside of InterfaceEmail context

Added a better In-Reply-To header when replying to a message generated via the 

Fixed handling of In-Reference-To headers

Added support for 'RT-Control: no-autoopen'

Updated EmailSubjectTagRegex documentation. Thanks to Phil Homewood for 
spotting it.

Applied Ruslan Zakirov's ext-mailgate patch, which allows you to take or 
resolve tickets by e-mail.

Updated mailgateway documentation

Added better threading support; Message-IDs of emails are based on the
transaction which spawned them.
Standardize on case of 'Message-ID' per RFC
Remove newline from Message-ID before inserting into DB
Custom Fields

Ensures that disabled custom fields aren't listed in Queue CF listings.

Custom field values can now be integers

Made search-by-any-customfield work

Bullet-proofed the custom field edit widget 

RT-Ticket: 6757
Transaction custom fields are now being set in Updates.  Before,
Transaction->UpdateCustomFields was being confused by the -Magic values.


Documented Set() a little better

Regression Testing

Made minor general test suite improvements and cleanups

Changed regressions to allow for base URL to be changed.

Switched the default WebURL to "localhost" to make the regression suite pass 
more cleanly

Improved Query Builder tests

Added plans to a bunch of tests which didn't previously have them


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