[Rt-devel] RT 3.5.2 now available

Joby Walker joby at u.washington.edu
Tue Jul 19 01:05:25 EDT 2005

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I like many of the ideas in the 3.5-default interface.  Getting rid of
the menu on the left saves a ton of wasted pixels -- a vast improvement.
 Stacking the menu at the top is better as well.

Negatives:  Way too much whitespace.  And there is kind of a Star
Trek/LCARS feel.

Bug note: when I created a ticket from the create ticket page, the
ticket is sucessfully created, but the app tries to connect to the a
page (probably the ticket page) on localhost not the server.


Jesse Vincent wrote:
> RT 3.5.2, the second snapshot leading to the next major release of RT is
> now available.  This release features the first version of a new look
> for RT.  Tom Sibley, one of our amazing summer interns, has been hard at
> work ripping out all of RT's 1998-era web design and replacing it with
> clean, modern semantic markup.   
> RT 3.5.2 ships with two "themes" for RT. One of them should be pretty
> familiar. It's RT 3.4's interface, reimplemented in CSS. The other is a
> newer, more modern look with a very different feel.  We don't have
> screenshots up yet. If you want to see what the new UI looks like,
> you'll have to download RT 3.5 and try it out.  Both themes are still
> very much in development. (The "3.4" theme is only about 24 hours old
> and not done just yet). To change the default theme, you'll want to have 
> a look at $WebDefaultStylesheet in RT_Config.pm
> We would greatly appreciate constructive feedback on the new look. At
> the moment, I don't think we need to hear much about rendering errors,
> but we'd love to hear what you'd like to see in this or other themes for
> RT.
> You can download RT 3.5.2 from:
> 	http://download.bestpractical.com/pub/rt/devel/rt-3.5.2.tar.gz
> Jesse                 
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