[Rt-devel] Simple example please - REST/1.0/ticket/edit

Darren Hartford dhartford at ghsinc.com
Tue Jul 19 09:28:05 EDT 2005

(repost from users list from 7/14/2005) Forgive the repost, maybe users
list was not the appropriate place to ask as no response, so asking
I'm trying to post data to REST/1.0/ticket/edit (or /REST/1.0/edit as I
think they have the same functionality) and so far have not had any
success (I'm using jakarta-commons HTTPCLIENT, but that should be
irrelevant for the request).   
So far, I'm assuming the cookie-auth is the only way to authenticate
against REST and have gotten that part to work.
Reading data I've tested /REST/1.0/ticket/1 and similar calls without
form-data, assuming that is the correct prodedure.
However, I can not get a successful ticket creation or update to happen.
I'm assuming after cookie-auth that you are to POST a multi-part form
data to /REST/1.0/ticket/edit (or /REST/1.0/edit), and that if you want
to create a new ticket you make the key=value something like
id=ticket/new, but beyond that  I keep getting:
 RT/3.4.1 400 Bad Request 
 No objects specified. 
Is there specific key/value pair that I'm missing that needs to be
there, or maybe I'm posting to the wrong location? I tried to follow
REST/1.0/dhandler file with the key/value pairs detailed there, but I
guess my perl is a little too rusty ;-)
Thanks, any help would be appreciated (elaboratating with other gotcha's
would help too!)
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