[Rt-devel] REST - using /ticket/<#>/attachment/<#>/content

Darren Hartford dhartford at ghsinc.com
Wed Jul 27 16:32:10 EDT 2005

Hey all,
Trying to use the REST/1.0 interface and I can across this possible bug.
With RT 3.4.0, when calling the REST interface for use to get
attachment/<#>/content, I think the intent was for a way to get the raw
attachment content/data.
However, what happens instead is that it adds the following text at the

"RT/3.4.0 200 Ok"

This, of course, breaks any binary formats such as PDF, Excel, Word,

I understand this type of call does not have ContentType associated with
it, maybe another enhancement similar to how the web interface does
/Ticket/Attachment/<transactionid>/<attachmentid>/<filename> .

I'm working around this, but if someone has a solution to this problem
that would be great!

Take care,

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