[Rt-devel] Problems using RT.pm under a web environment

Simon Wistow simon at thegestalt.org
Fri Jul 29 11:01:54 EDT 2005

On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 04:02:37PM +0200, Rolf Grossmann said:
> Check that the web server can read your RT_SiteConfig.pm. It proably has 
> different access rights and since RT_SiteConfig.pm contains your 
> database access data, it's not publically readable.

That loud thunk you heard was my head smacking against the desk. I'd 
forgotten that on this machine the webserver was running as a different 

I'll say 6 hail marys and repeat the mantra "check the obvious stuff 
before you mail a list"

Simon (feeling very sheepish)

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