[Rt-devel] PATCH Inherit CF rights from object. Comments sought.

Rolf Grossmann rg at progtech.net
Wed Jun 8 15:37:32 EDT 2005

Todd Chapman wrote:

>We have losts of custom fields. I got tired of setting and
>updating rights on these CFs, especially when the rights were
>always the same as the ticket (or asset).
>I came up with the following patch which allow you to set
>a CF to inherit See/Show and Modify from the object it
>is a CF of.
>Looking for comments, such as:
>1 This is a good idea and implementation.
>2 This is a good idea but rotten implementation.
>3 This is a stupid idea, what we need is a better way to
>  modify the rights on a bunch of CFs in bulk.
>I myself am leaning toward 3, but I implemented 1 just for fun.
So what's wrong with simply giving your users the (global) 
SeeCustomField right?
If they can't see the ticket (or asset) they should not be able to see 
the fields. What am I missing?


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