[Rt-devel] RT-3.5 possible Header/Footer fixes [PATCH]

Rolf Grossmann rg at progtech.net
Wed Jun 15 16:14:09 EDT 2005

It seems to me there is some cleanup of table tags missing from the
Elements/Footer page. Conditional on the Menu argument, some extra
closing tags are inserted into the HTML that don't seem to fit anymore.
Attached is a patch that simply removes those tags, since they seem
unnecessary to me.

The only remaining use of the Menu argument seems to be the output of
some extra information on the Login page. Since that has nothing to do
with the menu, I'd suggest using a better name.

Also, the Elements/Header page apparently got mixed up, because the test
for $LoggedIn is now completely missing. As a result, even on the Login
page, I'm getting "Logged in as " (not the missing name). I'm including
another patch that reverts the logic to what's used in version 3.4, which
fixes the problem for me. However, I might be missing something which
prompted that change in the first place.

Finally, I'm unable to figure out, why above mentioned extra information on
the login page doesn't get displayed in its proper place below the login
box. I've checked the HTML, which is correct (with those patches applied).
Still it's completely misplaced. Does anyone else see this and does anyone
have an idea what's wrong? I'm stumped.


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--- html/Elements/Footer	Mon Jun 13 17:10:27 2005
+++ /export/pt-www/rt35/share/html/Elements/Footer	Wed Jun 15 21:34:10 2005
@@ -43,9 +43,6 @@
 %# those contributions and any derivatives thereof.
-% if ($Menu) {
-% }
 <& /Elements/Callback, %ARGS &>
 <div class="bpscredits">
 <&|/l,     '&#187;&#124;&#171;', 
@@ -66,14 +63,6 @@
 % }
 <div class="page-stats"><&|/l&>Time to display</&>: <%Time::HiRes::tv_interval( $m->{'rt_base_time'} )%></div>
-% if ($Menu) {
-% }
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--- html/Elements/Header	Mon Jun 13 17:10:27 2005
+++ /export/pt-www/rt35/share/html/Elements/Header	Wed Jun 15 21:36:29 2005
@@ -81,14 +81,16 @@
 <div id="all">
 <div class="logo"><a href="http://bestpractical.com"><img src="<%$RT::WebImagesURL%>/bplogo.gif" alt="<%loc("Best Practical Solutions, LLC corporate logo")%>" width="230" height="50"></a></div>
 <div class="login-information">
+% if ($session{'CurrentUser'} && $session{'CurrentUser'}->Id && $LoggedIn) {
 <span style="display: none"><a href="#skipnav"><&|/l&>Skip Menu</&></a></span>
 %if ($session{'CurrentUser'}->HasRight( Right => 'ModifySelf', Object => $RT::System )) {
 <a  href="<%$RT::WebPath%><% $Prefs %>" ><&|/l&>Preferences</&></a>
 % }
 <& /Elements/Callback, %ARGS &>
-<&|/l, "<strong>".$session{'CurrentUser'}->Name."</strong>" &>Logged in as [_1]</&>
 % unless ($RT::WebExternalAuth and !$RT::WebFallbackToInternalAuth) {
 | <a  href="<%$RT::WebPath%>/NoAuth/Logout.html<%$URL ? "?URL=".$URL : ''%>"><&|/l&>Logout</&></a>
+% }
+<&|/l, "<strong>".$session{'CurrentUser'}->Name."</strong>" &>Logged in as [_1]</&>
 % } else {
 <&|/l&>Not logged in.</&>
 % }

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