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Joby Walker joby at u.washington.edu
Fri Jun 17 16:41:11 EDT 2005

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This is a follow up on the sybase/mssql support question I asked a few
weeks ago.  Below is an example of how to get a limit/offset query
working in mssql using sub-selects.

But then we may have convinced our DB As that PgSQL will probably meet
our enterprise needs, so for now we're not pushing for this support.

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>>stumbled on this when looking for something else -- request tracker
>>question a couple weeks ago --
>>The following query will emulate a
>>SELECT emp_id,lname,fname FROM employee LIMIT 20,10
>>That says, give me 10 records starting at record 21. So what will be
>>returned are rows 21-30. This is used heavily in web-based apps so you can
>>do recordset paging.
>>Here is what you can do in MS SQL to emulate it (this runs on the PUBS
>>select * from (
>>select top 10 emp_id,lname,fname from (
>>   select top 30 emp_id,lname,fname
>>   from employee
>>  order by lname asc
>>) as newtbl order by lname desc
>>) as newtbl2 order by lname asc
>>The main thing to remember is to deal with all your ORDER BY clauses and
>>also to use the inner TOP as the sum of what you are looking for. In this
>>example - 30 since you start at 20 and want 10 rows (20+10=30).
>>Hope this helps you as it has helped me improve performance greatly on my
>>web-based apps since I no longer have to transfer loads of data across the
>>wire to get just the 10 results I display on a page.
>>Don't even think about using the internal ADO paging stuff if you have a
>>lot of records to deal with, it will kill your performance as it must pull
>>the entire recordset down to the local machine before it can do its work.
>>Why bring down 20,000 records if you only want to display 10?
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