[Rt-devel] Custom field value foo could not be found for custom field bar

Danial Klimkin klimkin at falkag.com
Fri Jun 24 03:35:56 EDT 2005


Had no luck in rt-users list with this question, reposting here.

During some custom fields tests I found out strange behavior.
To be sure I got a fresh install of RT 3.4.2 and fresh new DB.

Next steps:
1. Creating queue
2. Creating custom field "bar"
    (type: select one, 2 possible values, "aaa" and "bbb")
3. Assigned custom field "bar" to queue
4. Created a ticket in queue with no value in CF.
5. Ticket->basics page
6. Assigned value "aaa" to CF.
     * bar aaa added
7. Assigned value "bbb" to CF.
     * bar aaa changed to bbb
     * Custom field value aaa could not be found for custom field bar

     *So, here the problem is.*

If I assign any value to custom field it always says it can't find old
value in DB. I've looked at DB - values are there, but are disabled
(1 in "disabled" column).
I checked execution via $RT::Logger->debug and found out that args to
CustomField::DeleteValueForObject are correct, but 
LoadByObjectContentAndCustomField fails. Didn't investigate further.

Using InnoDB for all RT-related tables.

Searched wiki and google. Have I missed something?

SY, Danial.

Danial Klimkin,
Falk eSolutions AG Russia
St. Petersburg, Russia

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