[Rt-devel] Question on "Limit" for Transactions for RT3.0.12

Ruediger Riediger ruediger.riediger at sun.com
Fri Mar 18 03:28:04 EST 2005

Hello Jesse,

Jesse Vincent wrote:
>>However, the "Limit" criteria seem not to match up to
>>"Field = 'Status' AND (NewValue = 'resolved' OR NewValue = 'rejected' OR 
>>NewValue = 'deleted'). So what am I doing wrong?
> What does the database say you're searching for?

looks like I found the issue: it did not have anything to do with the 
search case (the code I send works fine). We had a local addition to 
RT::Condition::Generic.pm so that $self->QueueObj was defined. Looks 
like we screwed this up and "$self->QueueObj->InactiveStatusArray" was 
returning an empty array. As we used "$self->QueueObj" only here, we 
never noticed before. Oh, for those without "$self->QueueObj" defined, 
substitute with "$self->TicketObj->QueueObj".

Thanks for the pointer to the database logs ;-)

Best regards,

	Ruediger Riediger

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