[Rt-devel] Bug? Imbalance in linking history

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Fri Nov 4 12:37:22 EST 2005

On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 01:36:39AM +0300, Ruslan Zakirov wrote:
> +1 about two transactions
> But IMO we should run scrips twice, reasons:
> 1) would be consistent solution, as less exceptions we have as more
> maintainable and refactorable our code is;
> 2) scrip in normal stage must have three context objects: ticket,
> transaction, template; if you run scrips only for one transaction then
> authors of the scrips have to dig additional context objects themself
> which leads to new questions on the rt-users.
> 3) previouse behaviour is bug and if scrips follow buggy behaviour
> then them should be changed;
> 4) ...

My reply to this seems to be lost so at the risk of repeating myself:

The thing that concerns me about two scrips is, what if you
want to send an e-mail on AddLink, but you only want to do
it once. How do you make the two scrips aware of each other
so that only one performs the action? If there is a simple
solution to this problem, then 2 scrips is fine wiht me.
Otherwise I think it's better to have one scrip run and
the user and figure out what object was at the other end.


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