[Rt-devel] Bug? Imbalance in linking history

Joby Walker joby at u.washington.edu
Fri Nov 4 14:03:22 EST 2005

Todd Chapman wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 04, 2005 at 10:48:59AM -0800, Joby Walker wrote:
>>The problem is that you might want to send two emails.  If the Sales
>>queue links one of their tickets (say #2) to a ticket (#4) as DependsOn
>>in the Support queue.  There are two descrete actions that should happen:
>>1) the Sales ticket (#2) might notify a set of people that the ticket is
>>2) the Support ticket (#4) might notify a set of people that it is
>>blocking another ticket.
> And you could do that from one scrip.

You could, but I'd argue that it was bad practice.  It should be the
Support queue scrips that determine actions on link creation/deletion
for tickets in the Support queue, and the Sales queue scrips to do the
same for tickets in the Sales queue.

If you have a large organization like me, It is very hard to get
consensus on global scrip behavior.  One group would want a new block to
send email, another would want a priority escalation, a third would want
both, and a fourth would want no action.  To do this in global scrips
would be insane -- and queue based scrips shouldn't need to take into
account the preferences of another queue.

> If we could imagine what the most common use cases would be I 
> would optize for that. If we are not sure in out ability to
> guess the most common case then 2 scrips is probably the
> way to go.

The only way to allow for the customization above would be to have 2

Joby Walker
ITI SSG, University of Washington

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