[Rt-devel] PATCH: Link symmetry

Rolf Grossmann rg at progtech.net
Mon Nov 7 10:48:46 EST 2005

Todd Chapman wrote:

> See other mail. Nitpicking is not appreciated.

Since this is an open source project, you should see it as a suggestion
as to what others find to be more readable. I've included it, because
you explicitly rewrote the code to look the other way. In no way was it
meant as a disrespect or rejection of your code.

> I agree with Ruslan. One transaction is a bug. 2 is the right way. Defaulting
> to one scrip is necessary for backwards compatability.

If you're considering 2 transactions a bug fix, I'd argue the default
should be for running 2 scrips right away, because I believe we've also
established that a transaction that doesn't run scrips is a bug aswell.

In reality, I don't really care one way or the other as long as some
form of your patch makes it into the distribution ;)


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