[Rt-devel] What is wrong with my ru.po ?

Angelo Turetta aturetta+rt at bestunion.it
Tue Sep 6 12:10:42 EDT 2005

Nikolay Martynov wrote:
> JF> Then clean the resulting ru.po removing all strings no more present in
> JF> the source :
> Is it necessary?
> I believe that this file is just a hash of key/value pairs.

It may be useful, but certainly not in the automated way suggested by 
Jérôme. There are strings that come from the database or config files 
(ie: status labels, "NEW_LINE", and so on) that are not found in the 
source files, but are nonetheless translated at runtime.

On the other hand there are strings that changed in the english version, 
and can thus be deleted safely from the translation. But this can only 
be discovered by multiple iterations of a careful review on a running 


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