[Rt-devel] RT - Java connection

Tuvik Beker Tuvik at Soligence.com
Wed Sep 7 13:11:40 EDT 2005


We are currently looking into RT and would like to connect it to a
web-application written in Java. The idea is to maintain full RT
functionality as a standalone ticketing system, but also be able to
query RT and manipulate tickets from our own Java-based web interface. 

We considered three options for connecting the two applications:
1. Direct calls to Perl methods
2. SQL interface (our application already communicates with MySQL)
3. Using RT's command-line interface (CLI)

Java-Perl interfaces seem to be rather poor and cumbersome, unlike the
pretty good C/C++-Perl connectors out there, so we'll probably skip
option 1. Between the other two, it seemed the CLI should offer a more
consistent interface, less prone to future changes than internal
database table structure. Is that a valid assumption?

There was one particular problem we came across with the CLI - we didn't
find a way to search and/or alter custom fields from the command line. I
read all the documentation I could find and searched the mailing lists,
but most of the stuff I found was pretty outdated. Can someone enlighten
me on the status of that issue in the current release?

Thanks in advance for any inputs,

Tuvik Beker
Soligence Corporation

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