[Rt-devel] RE: RT - Java connection

Darren Hartford dhartford at ghsinc.com
Thu Sep 8 13:50:20 EDT 2005

Hi Craig,Tuvik,
I've gone through this troubled search-and-find quest at length and here
is what I can tell you about my experience:

1. There isn't any.
2. The SOAP interface you may have come across was, last I knew, still
unstable and unreliable as well as unsupported.
3. The REST interface does work and is unlikely to change, but is poorly

For my own solution I did go the REST route using httpclient-commons
library from Apache for basic HTTP connection support, the
authentication is via form-authentication ONLY, not standard HTTP/Auth
(although I've heard rumors that was coming), and the data you send back
and forth for the multipage-formdata is not what you think - it's one
key/value pair where key is "content" and value contains a large string
of key/value pairs parsed by colons (:)  and newlines by the RT-REST

Hope that helps - unfortunately for my project I just have it hacked
together to get it to work and don't really have decent code examples to
offer, but at least the above lessons should help you move forward much


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