[Rt-devel] rt 3.4.4 login issues

David Kerry dkrt at navahonetworks.com
Mon Sep 12 17:23:43 EDT 2005


I'm trying to get our rt 2.0 era system up to the latest greatest
3.4.4 and I'm having a devil of a time.

The setup:  rt 3.4.4, linux debian sarge, oracle,
apache2 + fastcgi, browser is Mozilla 1.7.5 on linux.

I've got everything installed, and I can see all of my data (imported
using rt2-to-3), but the darn thing keeps booting me out and asking me
to log in again.

I've tried Apache::Session::File, and that asked me to log in
on every page.  I then tried Apache::Session::Oracle since I 
saw reports from some people that that worked.  Initially,
it did.  However, with no change in the data/code, it's suddenly
asking me for a login on every page again.

I've tried blowing away my cookies and starting over with the
same result - login ok, check a few tickets, then *wham* - I'm
back to the login prompt again.  Ugh.  I'm at my wits end on
this one.

I've seen several other reports of this behaviour, but with
no resolution.  For example, this thread which pretty much
describes my issue perfectly (with no resolution):


I'm willing to try stuff here as this system is not in production

There seems to be nothing in the logs indicating any errors
either.  Just a whole raft of 'Successful login for xxx from yyy'

Any ideas?

Also, as an aside, it looks like the oracle schema is non-optimal
still.  Apache times out mason on bringing up the query builder
page (2+ minutes - I thought this was fixed once upon a time?)
and bringing up some tickets is like watching paint dry.  I've
spent a little time tweaking indexes, but my testing is being
severely impeded by the login problem above.  Has anyone else
got a tuned oracle schema I can try out?

David Kerry

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