[Rt-devel] RT 3.5.3 Ticket display problem

Stewart Tranter S.G.Tranter at lboro.ac.uk
Wed Sep 21 06:16:39 EDT 2005

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> It is. With our mod_perl handler. Commit 3863 fixes this.

That did indeed sort of fix it.  There is still however on my system two 
  "Choose a date" links displayed - both work - but obviously two 
identical links are probably superfluous...?

I've also noticed there are two "Reminders" sections.  the one at the 
bottom, with the two date links appears to be out of style with the rest 
of the page and the one in the top right is in style, but missing the 
"Choose a date" function.

Are these curiosities of my system or a couple of more bugs?  If it's 
unclear what i mean, I've again provided an annotated screenshot at: 

Thanks again for the previous fix!

Kind regards,

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Loughborough University

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