[Rt-devel] RT 3.5.5 browser support

S.G.Tranter at lboro.ac.uk S.G.Tranter at lboro.ac.uk
Fri Sep 23 03:31:58 EDT 2005

Quoting Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com>:
> Is it actually rendering differently on IE than on other browsers?
> Screenshots and patches would be most appreciated.

Sorry to butt in to this thread halfway...

Yes, RT 3.5.5 does render differently in IE6 to Firefox and Opera where it
works 100% fine as far as I can tell.  Not sure if previous versions were
the same as I didn't start checking until I read this thread.  I'll try to
get some screenshots sent out Monday if you still need them.

> > I couldn't figure out yet, what's wrong with the calendar link.
> It was known broken in 3.5.3, but others have reported it fixed in
> 3.5.5.

The calendar link is definitely fixed in RT 3.5.5.


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