[Rt-devel] Help: How do I restrict user access by queue?

Leo C. Ureel II leo at remc1.org
Mon Dec 4 17:29:38 EST 2006


How do I restrict user access by queue? I've some users who only have 
been granted rights in certain queues. And this limits their 'RT at a 
Glance' view, such that they only can browse tickets in their particular 
queues. However, the '10 newest unowned tickets' section still shows 
unowned tickets in other queues. In fact, it seems that any ticket that 
is not owned or assigned to a particular queue is potentially visible to 
these users. And if the user knows the number of a ticket - or can 
compose a search query that returns a ticket in another queue, they have 
the ability to view tickets that should otherwise be restricted.

I'm not afraid to dive under the hood if need be. I hope somebody has a 
solution for me.

Thank you,
Leo C. Ureel II
Copper Country Intermediate School District

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