[Rt-devel] RT 3.6.3rc4

Andreas Ittgenshorst rt at ittgenshorst.de
Thu Dec 21 08:37:06 EST 2006

> > As an example I can't find the following string from
> > html/Tools/MyDay.html: displaying new and open tickets for
> >     Worked
> >     minutes
> >     Comments
> >     Record all updates

[Ruslan Zakirov]
> This is sign of small bug in the code. All strings that should be
> localized should be wrapped into a call to I18N subsystem. You can
> find examples in the code, search for "->loc" and "<&l>...</&>".

I changed MyDay.html to make a translation of the strings above possible, 
hopefully it's correct this way. I don't know how to rebuild the de.po file 
so that the needed tags are inserted. It would be nice if someone can 
regenerate the po file or tell how to do it, then translations can be added.

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