[Rt-devel] A different customfield search bug

Ben Goodwin ben at atomicmatrix.net
Tue Feb 14 11:18:19 EST 2006

Jesse Vincent wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 14, 2006 at 08:25:45AM -0500, Ben Goodwin wrote:
>> I've been following the SVN repo for some time now and a few weeks ago a 
>> user of mine reported she was unable to search data in a custom field.  
>> Indeed, (global) customfield searching is completely broken (I just svn 
>> update'd and it's still broken).  The attached code.txt returns no rows, 
>> though I guarantee there are thousands of matches.  The resulting MySQL 
>> query is attached as well.
> What release of RT?
Oops -- RT 3.5.X (subversion revision 4527, releng.cnf = 3.5.7)

Perl v5.8.7 under linux 
  Apache::Session v1.80;
  Apache::Session::Generate::MD5 v2.1;
  Apache::Session::Lock::MySQL v1.00;
  Apache::Session::MySQL v1.01;
  Apache::Session::Serialize::Storable v1.00;
  Apache::Session::Store::DBI v1.02;
  Apache::Session::Store::MySQL v1.04;
  AutoLoader v5.60;
  base v2.07;
  Benchmark v1.07;
  bytes v1.02;
  Cache::Simple::TimedExpiry v0.23;
  Carp v1.04;
  CGI v3.10;
  CGI::Cookie v1.25;
  CGI::Fast v1.05;
  CGI::Util v1.5;
  Class::Container v0.12;
  Class::Data::Inheritable v0.04;
  Class::ReturnValue v0.53;
  Clone v0.18;
  constant v1.05;
  Cwd v3.05;
  Data::Dumper v2.121_04;
  DBD::mysql v3.0002;
  DBI v1.48;
  DBIx::SearchBuilder v1.35;
  DBIx::SearchBuilder::Union v0;
  DBIx::SearchBuilder::Unique v0.01;
  Devel::StackTrace v1.12;
  Devel::StackTraceFrame v0.6;
  Digest::base v1.00;
  Digest::MD5 v2.33;
  DynaLoader v1.05;
  Encode v2.10;
  Encode::Alias v2.03;
  Encode::Config v2.00;
  Encode::Encoding v2.02;
  Errno v1.0901;
  Exception::Class v1.22;
  Exception::Class::Base v1.2;
  Exporter v5.58;
  Exporter::Heavy v5.58;
  FCGI v0.67;
  Fcntl v1.05;
  File::Basename v2.73;
  File::Glob v1.04;
  File::Path v1.07;
  File::Spec v3.05;
  File::Spec::Unix v1.5;
  File::Temp v0.16;
  FileHandle v2.01;
  HTML::Entities v1.32;
  HTML::Mason v1.3101;
  HTML::Mason::CGIHandler v1.00;
  HTML::Mason::Exception v1.1;
  HTML::Mason::Exception::Abort v1.1;
  HTML::Mason::Exception::Compilation v1.1;
  HTML::Mason::Exception::Compilation::IncompatibleCompiler v1.1;
  HTML::Mason::Exception::Compiler v1.1;
  HTML::Mason::Exception::Decline v1.1;
  HTML::Mason::Exception::Params v1.1;
  HTML::Mason::Exception::Syntax v1.1;
  HTML::Mason::Exception::System v1.1;
  HTML::Mason::Exception::TopLevelNotFound v1.1;
  HTML::Mason::Exception::VirtualMethod v1.1;
  HTML::Mason::Exceptions v1.43;
  HTML::Parser v3.46;
  HTML::Scrubber v0.08;
  I18N::LangTags v0.35;
  I18N::LangTags::Detect v1.03;
  integer v1.00;
  IO v1.21;
  IO::File v1.11;
  IO::Handle v1.24;
  IO::InnerFile v2.110;
  IO::Lines v2.110;
  IO::Scalar v2.110;
  IO::ScalarArray v2.110;
  IO::Seekable v1.09;
  IO::Wrap v2.110;
  IO::WrapTie v2.110;
  IPC::Open2 v1.01;
  IPC::Open3 v1.0106;
  lib v0.5565;
  List::Util v1.14;
  locale v1.00;
  Locale::Maketext v1.09;
  Locale::Maketext::Fuzzy v0.02;
  Locale::Maketext::Lexicon v0.50;
  Locale::Maketext::Lexicon::Gettext v0.14;
  Log::Dispatch v2.11;
  Log::Dispatch::Base v1.09;
  Log::Dispatch::File v1.22;
  Log::Dispatch::Output v1.26;
  Log::Dispatch::Screen v1.17;
  Log::Dispatch::Syslog v1.18;
  Mail::Address v1.67;
  Mail::Field v1.67;
  Mail::Field::AddrList v1.67;
  Mail::Header v1.67;
  Mail::Internet v1.67;
  MIME::Base64 v3.05;
  MIME::Body v5.418;
  MIME::Decoder v5.418;
  MIME::Decoder::NBit v5.418;
  MIME::Entity v5.418;
  MIME::Field::ContDisp v5.418;
  MIME::Field::ConTraEnc v5.418;
  MIME::Field::ContType v5.418;
  MIME::Field::ParamVal v5.418;
  MIME::Head v5.418;
  MIME::Parser v5.418;
  MIME::QuotedPrint v3.03;
  MIME::Tools v5.418;
  MIME::Words v5.418;
  Module::Versions::Report v1.02;
  overload v1.03;
  Params::Validate v0.78;
  POSIX v1.08;
  re v0.04;
  Regexp::Common v2.120;
  Regexp::Common::delimited v2.104;
  RT v3.5.HEAD;
  RT::Action::ExtractSubjectTag v0.01;
  RT::Interface::Email v1.02;
  Scalar::Util v1.14;
  SelectSaver v1.01;
  Socket v1.77;
  Storable v2.13;
  strict v1.03;
  Symbol v1.06;
  Sys::Hostname v1.11;
  Sys::Syslog v0.06;
  Text::Autoformat v1.13;
  Text::Quoted v1.8;
  Text::Reform v1.11;
  Text::Tabs v98.112801;
  Text::Template v1.44;
  Text::Wrapper v1.000;
  Time::HiRes v1.66;
  Time::JulianDay v2003.1125;
  Time::Local v1.11;
  Time::ParseDate v2003.1126;
  Time::Timezone v2003.0211;
  URI v1.35;
  URI::Escape v3.28;
  URI::URL v5.03;
  URI::WithBase v2.19;
  utf8 v1.05;
  vars v1.01;
  warnings v1.03;
  warnings::register v1.00;
  XSLoader v0.02;

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