[Rt-devel] Need advice on extension to rt command line

Bob Goldstein bobg at uic.edu
Wed Feb 15 23:41:21 EST 2006

I'd like to manipulate users from the rt command line,
specifically to show the groups the user belongs to,
and to add or delete the user from a given group.
(I'm working on RT 3.4.2, but it seems 3.4.5 is the same.)

I think (guess) the syntax ought to be:

rt show user/22/groups 

rt edit user/22 add groups=mygroup,yourgroup

rt edit user/22 del groups=someothergroup

rt edit user/22 set groups=hisgroup,hergroup

Also, I'm a little unclear where the code would go.
I think my choices are:

..../share/html/REST/1.0/Forms/user/default  (which exists)
..../share/html/REST/1.0/Forms/user/groups  (which doesn't exist yet)

It seems the edit command would go in Forms/user/default,
but the show could go either in default or in a new file, groups.

Is there a clear "RT way" to do this?


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