[Rt-devel] PATCH: Set/Retrieve custom field value by CLI

lwang lwang at clusterfs.com
Mon Jan 9 21:53:03 EST 2006

The syntax to use this patch:

If you type "rt show ticket/100", it will display the following in my case:

id: ticket/100
TimeLeft: 0
CF-Version: HEAD
CF-Severity: S3 (normal)

You can see I have 4 custom fields for every ticket.  "CF-" is followed 
immediately by the name of the custom field.

Similarly, if you want to create a new ticket, custom field will be 
specified in the same way:

rt create -t ticket set subject="test" add CF-Severity="S3 (normal)"

You can check the created ticket by "rt show ticket/xxx".

Please keep in mind that the name of the custom field cannot contain 
empty space.

Good luck!

- Wang

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