[Rt-devel] Still unable to delete RTFM articles with 3.6.0 and RTFM 2.2.0RC2

Phil Smith III lists at akphs.com
Fri Jul 14 15:24:48 EDT 2006

I've upgraded RT to 3.6.0 and RTFM to 2.2.0RC2, and still can't delete RTFM articles.

It all says it works; through brute-force debugging, I've convinced myself that the Delete subroutine in /opt/rt3/lib/RT/FM/Article_Overlay.pm is indeed running, has what appears to be a valid pointer ($self->Id returns the right article number), and is getting success from $self->SUPER::Delete();

Mind you, about all I know about OO Perl is what OO stands for.  A colleague who knows a lot more has looked at it quickly, and doesn't see where it's ever doing a database delete, either, but doesn't claim to have examined it thoroughly.

Looking at the database using psql, I notice that there is no 'status' field for RTFM articles.  And since setting an RT ticket's status to 'deleted' doesn't actually delete it, I'm wondering if this is something that actually works for anyone.

Can someone out there try to delete an RTFM article and verify that it's gone when they go back to RTFM and look at the Overview?


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