[Rt-devel] Feature request: specialized mutators for creating Links

Drew Taylor DTaylor at cidc.com
Thu Jul 20 19:00:58 EDT 2006

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> Subject: Re: [Rt-devel] Feature request: specialized mutators 
> for creating Links
> I'd really rather not go further on the path to "multiple 
> accessors and mutators per link type"
> However. I'd love a patch that can cope with tickets 
> directly, rather than just their URIs. (I thought we could already)

I just looked through Ticket::AddLink(), Ticket::_AddLink(),
Record::_AddLink() and didn't see anything obvious about automatically
converting a ticket into the required URI. I'd be happy to work on a
patch if I am indeed not overlooking something. Documenting the proper
values for Target|Base would be included. :-)


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