[Rt-devel] Pulling CF data into AdminCCor CC field

Ben Blakely BBlakely at blink.ca
Wed Jul 26 11:24:25 EDT 2006

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for the response. This is what im trying to do. I have a ticket
with a series of custom fields that people need to fill out in a certain
queue, one of the cf's being a text box where people put in email
address's in a comma separated format. When that ticket is created (
which is a change management request), I have an approval process. Once
it's approved it goes into a change management queue. I want to be able
to pull the contents of the cf that contains the email address's and put
them into the AdminCC or CC field to notify the required parties.

All in all, I just need to put those email address's in the cc or admin
cc field... excuse the confusing email :)


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On Tue, Jul 25, 2006 at 12:03:10PM -0400, Ben Blakely wrote:
> Can anyone give me an idea or example of how to pull in custom field
> data into the AdminCC or CC field via a template? I have a CF full of
> people's email address's and would like to be able to pull that into
> AdminCC or CC fields based on Ticket approval/creation.

(Trying again, this time replying to the list...)

Why do you want to use a template for this?  You likely want a custom
scrip which runs On Approval/On Create.  (See
RT::Extension::AddAdminCcsOnQueueChange on CPAN for a scrip which does
this with the current AdminCcs instead of a custom field.)

- Kevin
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