[Rt-devel] dumpfile-to-rt3.0 crashdump - Could not create a new user

Andrew Nicols a.nicols at lancs.ac.uk
Thu Jul 27 07:25:52 EDT 2006

I'm currently trying a dry run for an upgrade from RT 2.0.13 to RT 3.6.0 but
running into some problems.

>From reading the readme for 3.6.0, I need to upgrade from 2.0.x to 3.2.
The readme for 3.2.0 says to use the rt2-to-rt3 migration tool which in turn
provides instructions for migrating from RT 2.0 to RT 3.0

I've installed a fresh vm machine installed rt 2.0.13 as this is the current
version on our production server, imported all of the data from our
production server, and I'm able to log on and see all of the tickets. I
stopped apache, downloaded the migration tool and successfully dumped the
data (around 21,000 tickets).

I installed a second fresh vm machine and put RT 3.0.0 on it. As per the
instructions in the migration tool, I initialized the database, and to
double check it all works, I logged on with apache and all works. Stopped
apache and I'm now trying to upgrade using the database dump but am getting
an error. Google is not being my friend and I can't see anything obvious:

upgrade at rt-upgrade-2:~/rt2-to-rt3-1.23$ sudo ./dumpfile-to-rt-3.0 ../dbdump
Importing users
uCreating user Unnamed user 45
.[Thu Jul 27 12:15:42 2006] [error]: Could not create a new user
Failed to create user for$VAR1 = {
          'CryptedPassword' => undef,
          'Name' => 'Unnamed user 45'
uCreating user Unnamed user 40
.[Thu Jul 27 12:15:42 2006] [crit]: RT::User::crit Unimplemented in
RT::User. (/usr/local/rt3/lib/RT/User_Overlay.pm line 206)

System info:
upgrade at rt-upgrade-2:~/rt2-to-rt3-1.23$ uname -a
Linux rt-upgrade-2 2.6.8-2-386 #1 Tue Aug 16 12:46:35 UTC 2005 i686

Running apache/mod_perl with Postgres database and HTML::Mason 1.28

Thanks in advance,

Andrew Nicols
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