[Rt-devel] This is not a release announcement for RT 3.6.0

Harald Wagener hwagener at hamburg.fcb.com
Mon Mar 6 03:55:43 EST 2006

Hello Jesse,
3.6rc0 is a great prerelease. The Dates and People subtabs don't work  
because Ticket/Elements/EditDates and Ticket/Elements/EditPeople are  
not called in ModifyDates.html and ModifyPeople.html. I just dropped  
the cals from ModifyAll.html into the respective files, and now it  

rt3.6rc0 also integrates AT 1.2.3rc4 without problems. This is  
running on apache2, tested with mod_perl2 and fcgid - both work  
reasonably well (more on that in the thread about fcgid soon).

Running on MySQL 5.0.18, apache 2.0.55 mod_perl2.0.2/fcgid 1.0.7,  
perl 5.8.8

I would love to see a condensed css style for small resolution  
screens, but I guess so would you. The CSS based layouts do scale a  
lot better than the 3.4 one, and I love the print css for generating  
a paper trail from a ticket.


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