[Rt-devel] Porting data from in-house solution to RT

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 8 10:06:57 EST 2006

At Tuesday 3/7/2006 07:34 PM, Jim Meyer wrote:
>Two questions:
>1. Is there a good, general way to construct and manipulate
>    those object-type-and-id references (cf the Attributes table,
>    with objecttype of "RT::User" and objectid matching the id in
>    the Users table, for example) in the API? I've not stumbled
>    upon it yet, but I've not spent a lot of time in those portions
>    of the code.

Hello Jim,

We've managed by just mapping old-system-ticket-number to RT ticket number 
- would that not suffice? How many different object types are you thinking 
of working with?

>2. Any secrets for disabling all notifications without disabling
>    all scrips? For that matter, any secrets for disabling all
>    scrips for a given transaction?

We did this by introducing a new RT config variable 'MailSendingOff' and 
making the outgoing-mail part of the API recognize this flag. Our data load 
scripts always set this flag to true so that mail is never sent when data 
is loaded, while the regular web/email interface sends mail as normal.

I'll put this code up on the wiki if you're interested.


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