[Rt-devel] Porting data from in-house solution to RT

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Thu Mar 9 11:56:30 EST 2006

At Wednesday 3/8/2006 12:08 PM, Jim Meyer wrote:

>I intend to map IH user to RT user, IH ticket to RT ticket, and even IH
>transaction to RT Transaction. This allows me to do a warm start of IH
>data into RT where people play with it while continuing to work the
>issue in IH ... and then I can grab only updated transactions from IH
>for a given ticket without stepping on any RT-only transactions. I also
>can't help but think I'll gain benefits I don't immediately recognize by
>making the correspondence between IH and RT as fine-grained as possible.
>One complexity I considered irrelevant earlier is that, while the IH
>interface is single queued, we run multiple instances all of whose data
>is stored in a single database. Adoption of RT and thus migration from
>IH to RT will go queue by queue, so this process needs to be repeatable.
>Additionally, we've got multiple databases, so I can't guarantee that a
>given user's id number is the same in both databases.
>That said, would you disagree? You have concrete experience in this
>which I sorely lack. I'd truly enjoy the benefit of your thoughts on

Hello Jim,

Our transfers of data from our legacy system to RT have been one-time 
processes. In other words,  once we transfer a ticket to RT, it's live in 
RT and "frozen" or inactive in the old system. We haven't had a need to 
keep the two systems in synch, so we don't have any experience that would 
help you in that regard.

Our mapping of old to new ticket id is just so when an email reply is sent 
to a ticket that originated in the old system, we can append it to the 
correct new RT ticket.

Good luck!

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