[Rt-devel] My current favorite best-practice for RT extensions ([fwd] Announce: per-queue branding for RT)

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Mar 20 12:06:48 EST 2006

We recently developed this RT extension. I'm somewhat more pleased with
how the library extensions worked out here than with things we've done
in the past. Additionally, it makes it a lot easier to install multiple
extensions than overloading the _Local mechanism.


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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2006 12:04:51 -0500
From: Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com>
To: rt-users at lists.bestpractical.com
Subject: Announce: per-queue branding for RT

I'm pleased to announce that it's now possible to "brand"
the outgoing mail for each queue in your RT instance separately
using a new RT extension that works on RT 3.2 and RT 3.4.

You can download this extension from:


From the README:

This extension for RT 3.2 and 3.4 allows sites to "Brand" individual queues
with distinct tokens in the Subject: headers of outgoing email messages.

To enable this extension:

# cd into the unpacked distribution directory

 perl Makefile.PL
 make install

# edit your RT_SiteConfig.pm library to add the following line
# immediately before the last line of the file:

 use RT::Extension::BrandedQueues;

# The only thing after that use ..." line should be the line:


You'll also need to modify any of your local email templates which use
the $rtname variable. To edit your templates, log into RT as your 
administrative user, then click:

Configuration -> Global -> Templates -> <Some template name>

For example, RT's default "Autoreply" includes this line:

 "There is no need to reply to this message right now.  Your ticket has been
 assigned an ID of [{$rtname} #{$Ticket->id()}]."

Change this line to read:

 "There is no need to reply to this message right now.  Your ticket has been
 assigned an ID of [{$Ticket->QueueObj->Tag} #{$Ticket->id()}]."


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