[Rt-devel] "This message will be sent to..." confirmation page

Werner van den Berg werner at ghs.com
Fri Mar 24 09:38:01 EST 2006

We have RT 3.4.4 running with appr. 25 users. Most of them struggle with
whom a message will be sent to using the RT transaction page.

Although RT clearly lists who will receive the message (below the message
field), I would like to add an additional page before a message will be

This page should display a small recap of the people who actually will
receive the message, together with something like a Confirm and a Cancel

Is there anyone who has such functionality? Or does someone have a good idea
how to implement this in RT? Or are others using a different "solution"

Best Regards,

Werner van den Berg

Werner van den Berg                           tel:     +31 33 4613363
Support Administrator                         fax:     +31 33 4613640

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