[Rt-devel] Multiple login requests

Shawn Plummer plummer at geneseo.edu
Thu May 4 09:39:25 EDT 2006

More information on this issue.

If a user does not the the modifyself privilege they are not asked to  
login repeatedly. However if they are then given tat privilege and  
logout they then have the repeated login request issue again.

I am using 3.6.0pre1 with Oracle. Does anyone have any suggestions?


On Apr 28, 2006, at 10:51 AM, Shawn Plummer wrote:

> I am still getting multiple login requests using RT 3.6.0pre1
> a login request log entry looks like this:
> [Fri Apr 28 14:43:32 2006] [debug]: Trying LDAP authentication (/ 
> opt/rt36devel/local/lib/RT/User_Local.pm:114)
> [Fri Apr 28 14:43:32 2006] [debug]: RT::User::IsLDAPPassword Found  
> LDAP DN: uid=plummer,ou=People,o=geneseo.edu (/opt/rt36devel/local/ 
> lib/RT/User_Local.pm:174)
> [Fri Apr 28 14:43:32 2006] [info]: RT::User::IsLDAPPassword AUTH  
> OKAY: plummer (uid=plummer,ou=People,o=geneseo.edu) (/opt/rt36devel/ 
> local/lib/RT/User_Local.pm:209)
> [Fri Apr 28 14:43:32 2006] [debug]: RT::User::IsPassword auth  
> method IsLDAPPassword SUCCEEDED (/opt/rt36devel/local/lib/RT/ 
> User_Local.pm:279)
> [Fri Apr 28 14:43:32 2006] [info]: Successful login for plummer  
> from (/opt/rt36devel/share/html/autohandler:244)
> Apache's logs show nothing strange. Examining the cookie data shows  
> hosts name are exactly the same before and after the repeated login  
> requests go away.
> The system requests I login after clicking any link just after  
> logging in. opening tickets continues to request login on every  
> link request. I have not figured out at what point it stops asking.  
> However Clicking Simple Search, Tools, Configuration, Preferences,  
> or Approval in the top menu and logging in *again* always makes it  
> stop asking and behave as normal.
> Anyone have any thoughts, this is, and has been, an ongoing and  
> very frustrating issue with our testing and development of RT for  
> internal use.
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