[Rt-devel] Problem with german 'Umlaute' after upgrading from 3.6.0pre1 to 3.6.0rc3

Andreas Ittgenshorst rt at ittgenshorst.de
Mon May 29 12:11:23 EDT 2006


after upgrading my test environment from rt-3.6.0pre1 to 3.6.0rc3, i noticed 
that the german 'Umlaute' will not correctly displayed. It concerns to all 
localized messages and also to every stored ticket which contains this 

The browser (Mozilla Firefox 1.5.03) recognized the character encoding as 
UTF-8. This was also the fact before I made the update. But if I change my 
browser setting to use ISO-8859-1 the characters are displayed correct.

The only thing that changed in my configuration is, that updated at-1.2.3rc4 
to at-1.2.3. But I think that should not be the problem. When I update only 
at on the rt-3.6.0pre1 machine, the problem do not appear.

Hopefully somebody know whats going on.


Andreas Ittgenshorst

Jesse already answered the following info to my pm. I think it should find a 
place here on the list.

>Ah. ok. It'd be really helpful if you could give RC1 a quick shot to
>help us narrow down when we started messing up.


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